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Added: Feb 16, 2011

From: Robert Harris

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This documentary, created by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jack Anderson is one of the most accurate and informative I have ever seen. Like all TV shows, it's a bit cheesy in places but it also contains some very good and accurate information.

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TheMrktd1 Says:

Sep 26, 2013 - Yea, I doubt it either. And JD Tippet is alive and well in Texas.

FetchTheSled Says:

Nov 29, 2013 - JFK was so reckless in his behavior, both politically and personally, he might as well have shot himself. What a crazy bastard he was, pissing all those people off.

Judith 'Tardo Says:

Apr 1, 2014 - I just farted - a really grizzly one..It smells like a cross between grilled beef and peanut butter..It smells AWESOME...Thank you.

Ronnie Bishop Says:

Feb 26, 2014 - If you wake up in the morning and there is snow all over the ground, do you have to watch it coming down, to know what happened last night? I don't!!

VisionXray23 Says:

Nov 22, 2013 - Certainly not Castro. It was the CIA

Nick Vellios Says:

Nov 23, 2013 - Lets simplify. Who had brain matter all over them. Was it the driver, Connelly or the motorcycle cop riding behind the limo? It was the motorcycle cop riding behind. That means the kill shot came from the front. As my kids are now teens and didnt know anything about the Kennedy Assassination, I decided to try an experiment. I did not tell them where Oswald and the school book depository was. I did not tell them where the grassy knoll was. I just showed them the Zabruder film and asked them a simple question. Which direction did the kill shot come from. They did not even have to think about it. Answer, the front right. Out of the mouths of babes. 

tylsimys67 Says:

Nov 23, 2013 - One question remains: why would mob, cubans, soviets, CIA or FBI want Lyndon Johnson as president? Motive? Ah... of course, there's always Pentagon...

Bunker Bunt Says:

Dec 11, 2013 - LBJ

Richard. Abbey. Says:

Dec 11, 2013 - Amazing, I just wrote what is the truth about Kennedy shooting and was cut off.

quivalla Says:

Nov 22, 2013 - YAWN.............

Rod W Says:

Nov 20, 2013 - Im curious to know why RFK didnt investigate the assassination. He was the attorney general. If he thought there was a conspiracy, why then would he run for president? Seems to me he wouldve been afraid if in fact he had any suspicions 

Patrick McCarron Says:

Dec 4, 2013 - This documentary came out in 1988, back when the media supported the conspiracy theories we now know are all false thanks to the mountain of evidence we have access to today via the internet.

Patrick McCarron Says:

Dec 4, 2013 - Definitely was shot from behind. A bullet penetrates the head, it does not smack it like a blunt object or being punched. The bullet pierces the head like a liquid bubble. The entrance is small and unnoticeable. The exit wound explodes and erupts blood and brain matter pushing the head back towards the direction of the shooter. Just like what is vividly shown in the Zapruder Film. Proof JFK was hit from behind.

RHallman321 Says:

Nov 23, 2013 - Poor Mrs. Oswald! I feel so, so bad for her & what she had to live through! Her only crime was loving the wrong man! And even that isn't true! She just loved a patsy! Well, I guess that IS loving the wrong man, but it shouldn't ever be treated as if it was a crime! I hope one day for her & her children's' sakes they clear the air & publicly admit that Oswald was just a patsy! Fuck LBJ & everyone involved!

RHallman321 Says:

Nov 23, 2013 - Hey! So you mean to tell me that hobos in the early 60's had access to fresh razor blades,, shaving cream, etc. ON A DAILY BASIS!? You'd think they'd at least have stubble! Oh, and dirty, tattered clothes would help, too! How did ANYONE believe this!? EVER!? It'd be laughable if this act wasn't the death of our nation as we knew it! Once they knew they could get away with killing the President, ON LIVE TV, all bets were off from there on out! There's NOTHING that they won't/can't do & get away with! (Proof in point: OKC Bombing, 9/11, staged mass shootings, etc.!)

Patrick McCarron Says:

Jan 2, 2014 - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEC4W2eU4DyyRHca5LQU0_e7lmTXr6ehf

chet allen Says:

Feb 15, 2014 - When you go to Dealey Plaza, and stand behind the picket fence, you immediately know that is where the head-shot originated. The 1978 House Committee on Assassinations even said it was probably a conspiracy. The truth is known, and Jim Marrs probably explains it best. I have looked at as much of the information available and have peace in my belief that the attendees of the Clint Murchinson meeting are the guilt parties. And don't forget the death-bed confession of E. Howard Hunt (CIA) of a conspiracy. 

Jack London Says:

Nov 29, 2013 - E. Howard Hunt Watergate burglar confessed to the conspiracy to kill JFK.However as he was CIA the media don't report it.Guess why?The stupid "magic bullet theory" is finally destroyed.Oswald did not shoot Kennedy, he was just a patsy as he always said it.

David Grace Says:

Dec 6, 2013 - Wonder how much money they got paid for making this b*llshit? They've already blamed the mafia, Castro, and the CIA...and I have only watched 3:47seconds of this pabulum...obviously not fact driven. But I will watch it--kind of like watching an entertaining fiction.

Anthony Morant Says:

Dec 4, 2013 - When the Government Kill you.. Its for National Security.

12from121 Says:

Jan 24, 2014 - this is terrible not 1 piece of evidence

1984LizardKing Says:

Mar 23, 2014 - Just listen to Ruby laying it out. He even said if Aldai Stevenson became vice president none of it would have happened as he was being lead away. When asked he says 'the man in charge now' is why it happened, meaning LBJ. What's better is Mac Wallace's fingerprints are at the crime scene on the 6th floor at the snipers window and taken by Dallas police. Sent to the most respected fingerprints expert in the states and he verifies it is his. Mac Wallace was a thug, a killer, and LBJ'S butt buddy forever.

Keith William MacHendry Says:

Apr 13, 2014 - There was no conspiracy & too much shite is talked by too many people!

willowfinearts Says:

Apr 4, 2014 - why didn't Zapruder hear the gunshot if it came from the grassy knoll or picket fence he was very close to the spot..? silencers used maybe?

Keith William MacHendry Says:

Apr 13, 2014 - Jack Ruby was ordered to silence Oswald, LoL, aye right, that's why he lived so long after it. What a load of pish!

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